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Great product! Wish it came swiss cheesed from the factory.

The teeth on this piston are INCREDIBLE.
I'm not sure what they're doing to it, but they make SHS piston teeth feel like they're made of tin.

At one point, I had this in a gun with a 20kRPM motor 14:1 DSG, and wanted to see what a 52k RPM brushless motor firerate would do, so i added it without any modifications. Obviously, there was insane PME. I think I magdumped around a thousand rounds through it and when I opened it up, there was literally no visible damage to the teeth.

Absolutely ridiculously built piston. Wish there was an option to have it come swiss cheesed though as the body is a bit heavy.

Redundant product. Just use a faucet washer for high ROF builds or sorbothane for low stress builds.

The only reason to use a piston spacer over sorbothane is if you're running a high ROF build, and sorbothanes recovery time ruins AOE in full auto, so you're required to correct AOE by adding spacers to the piston head instead. This unfortunately adds a pretty substantial amount of weight to the piston usually, as we often use aluminum/steel faucet washers to accomplish this.

This product was supposed to only marginally increase piston assembly weight and provide a small amount of damping, which is great for high ROF builds.

However.. within 10,000 rounds of adding this to my piston it completely shattered. This created space between the piston head and piston which ended up causing catastrophic damage to my Retro Arms piston, FPS piston head, and siegetek sector gear in the middle of a game. I was only running an SP150 on an 8 tooth DSG, so I don't understand how this happened.

Given that this likely would not have happened on a full stroke M100, I still don't see how this product is useful because in that case you'd simply opt for sorbothane instead.

Link to image of shattered spacers:

Very consistent Performance

The tech where I work suggested using Gaurder springs. Now they are in almost everyone of my builds. Gaurder springs give great performance and do not loose their spring rate like many other manufacturers springs. I highly recommend them for your next performance build!

Great bushings, very thin, though, which is just what I needed for my cyma gearbox. Very solid.

Works just not polished

The end closes to the piston had burrs on it that prevented the shaft of the recoil weight to rub. Had to take a dremel to get rid of the burr so the brass shaft slid through the bearing spring guide without. Minor issue for me. Hopefully the other ones in the batch doesn’t have the same issue that I had.

Perfect motor. Somehow more torque than the lower RPM base motors.

5-Star Review: Warhead Black Series CNC 36k RPM Brushless Motor - A Game Changer for High-Performance Airsoft

Video attached to this review is with a 36k warhead brushless with a 14:1 DSG on 11.1v.

After rigorously testing the Warhead Base 20k RPM motor in my 14.09:1 DSG setup with an SP150 spring, I initially thought its lower RPM would provide the torque advantage needed for my high-speed gear configuration. However, the performance was underwhelming, with a 19A draw on semi-auto, a 36ms trigger response, and an RPS of 35—decent, but not what I expected for competitive play.

Enter the Warhead Black Series CNC 36k RPM motor. This motor is a revelation, delivering not just higher RPM but doing so with astonishing efficiency. It dropped the amp draw to 14A and catapulted the RPS to 60, with a semi-auto cycle time slashed to 24ms and an 8ms trigger response with precocking. The efficiency improvement was staggering, consuming about 0.093mAh per shot, nearly halving the energy per shot compared to the 20k motor. This represents a nearly 50% decrease in energy consumption per shot, highlighting the unmatched efficiency and, surprisingly, not mutually exclusive, speed of the 36k motor.

Upon further inspection, the significantly lower cogging torque in the 20k motor suggested it wasn't optimized for torque at all, contrary to expectations. This led me to theorize that the 20k motor might actually be a high-speed motor artificially limited to 20k RPM, perhaps through the use of a potentiometer—a puzzling design choice if true.

Based on my experience, for anyone serious about airsoft performance, the Black CNC 36k RPM brushless motor stands out as the unequivocal choice over the Warhead Base 20k RPM model. Its superior performance and efficiency are undeniable, making it the smart pick for those looking to elevate their game.

If you're on the fence about which motor to choose for your airsoft setup, let me simplify the decision for you: opt for the Warhead Black Series. It outperforms in every conceivable way, offering a blend of speed and efficiency that's simply unmatched. Spend the extra $20. It's not just an upgrade; it's a transformation.

I posted a short on my YT channel called "SCUD Slingers" showing a few dry fire cycles and an auto cycle if anyone wants to see this in action.


Spend the extra $20 Buy the black series instead.

In testing the Warhead Base 20k RPM motor within a 14.09:1 DSG setup on an SP150 spring, I observed performance metrics that were somewhat below expectations for such a specialized application. I'm obviously running fast gears, so I thought the 20k brushless would have been better than the black series for torque.

I was wrong.

The motor exhibited a 19A draw on semi-auto, yielding a 36ms trigger response and 35 RPS— which is... Okay. Far below expectations however.

Contrastingly, the Warhead Black Series CNC 36k RPM motor presented a significant leap in efficiency and performance, reducing amp draw to 14A, despite its higher operational speed. This led to a dramatic increase in RPS to 60, with a semi-auto cycle time improvement to 24ms and an ultra-responsive 8ms trigger response with precocking enabled. Moreover, the efficiency gains were ridiculous, with the 36k motor consuming approximately 0.093mAh per shot, a notable improvement over the 0.19mAh of the 20k motor. This translates to an almost comical improvement of 49% decreased energy consumption per shot over the 20k motor. underscoring the superior efficiency, and SOMEHOW SPEED? of the 36k option.

I was able to verify that this was indeed not a fluke in the design of this motor, but in fact a structual one. The cogging torque is SIGNIFICANTLY lower on the 20k brushless for some reason, which suggests a lower magnetic interaction between the rotor and stator. (WHICH WOULD MAKE NO SENSE)

My theory is the 20k brushless is actually a high speed (60k?) with a pentitometer installed to limit the RPM to a maximum of 20k. No idea why they would do this, but its the only thing that makes any sense.

Given these findings, I recommend enthusiasts and competitive players consider the Black CNC 36k RPM brushless motor as a superior alternative to the Warhead Base 20k RPM model. The 36k motor not only enhances performance dramatically but does so with greater efficiency, making it a prudent choice for those seeking to maximize their airsoft gun's potential.

Just get the warhead black series. It's better in every way.

Aluminum AEP air nozzle

Worked absolutely perfect in my TM G18C AEP. The round hole versus the factory half moon makes good difference in performance. I had to use my factory worn out orings though. The factory installed ones were too thick.

Best mosfet available. Yes, better than GATE even if this was $50 more.

The Jefftron Leviathan Optical is just absolutely incredible.

TLDR: It's incredible, and far better than the gate titan. Video attached to this review is on the Jefftron, 36k warhead brushless with a 14:1 DSG on 11.1v.

I've sadly been running a GATE titan for over 3 years now and it was always plagued with issues, for example:
1. With a GATE Titan, ROF control is literally useless, it makes your gun sound like a crappy rental with its PWM control, and delay mode for simulated semi spam doesn't work on the gate with brushless motors (so whats the point?)
On the Jefftron, its incredible snappy. It's delay feedback only, so you get easy, snappy sounding ROF control.
2. Bluetooth out of the box
On a GATE titan you're forced to fork out another $70 USD to use the GATE app on your phone. On this, it's already integrated. App is way better too. No need to enter "No shoot" configuration mode to adjust simple settings either, just open your phone and change a setting on the fly and its instantly sent to your gun.
3. Much better cycle detection
The gate uses a strange teeth/break system to detect a cycle, which is unreliable at consistency. The leviathan detects the cut off lever gear cams (which is on every gearset) which i've found to be much more reliable, and much more resistant to grease (which was a major issue on the gate)

Strangely enough, the snappiness of semi increased significantly with the jefftron over the gate. I don't know if theres some slow amp ramping feature on the gate, but I noticed a significant increase in responsiveness with the jefftron immediately when I switched over. I'm running 20% precock with a 14:1 DSG + 20k brushless and am getting 8 millisecond precock release response. It feels like HPA. The amount of compliments i've gotten on it already within the first few days of fielding it is pretty insane too.

My favorite feature of this mosfet is the RFTS (Real Feel Trigger System). It integrates an uptake and release feel, which feels like a real firearm and significantly increases the pleasure of using the replica. Somehow it allows me to spam the trigger faster aswell, likely due to the very clear trigger point.

Only negative was the included screw did not fit my retro arms gearbox and I had to move the gate installation screw + rubber washer over to the leviathan. I DID love the wire retainer clips though, really reduces the chance of snagging a wire.

5/5 it's the only mosfet i'd ever buy again. If you're starting a new build, check out the retro arms gearbox + leviathan mosfet bundle deal on Brill, it's a pretty incredible value.

Does more than you think for your build

First off, I think I need to start this review by stating that this grip embodies what makes brill armory so great; a concierge selection of quality parts for techs trying to make quality guns.
THIS is the ONLY grip I have ever used where there is perfect bevel to pinion angle.
Have you ever pushed your motor into your grip and had it get stuck at the bottom, only to need pliers to pull it out? That's your pinion gear and bevel gear rubbing. This does NOT happen on this grip.

Before buying this grip, I had spent hours perfectly shimming my gun and I was so confused why I was still getting gear whine, I had tried everything but funnily enough, by just swapping into this grip my gun has literally 0 whine, and I went from 17 amp draw on semi all the way down to 14 just from swapping grips.

The grip itself, like all PTS products, feels incredible. It is solid, grippy, and the angle actually significantly reduces wrist strain when running shorter stock lengths. There are somewhat ingenious features built into the stock, like the motor grip plate having a primary and secondary retainer, allowing for consistent motor height retainer tightening, and the low length motor lugs which DONT strip motor connectors like most do.

I HIGHLY recommend this product for anyone running an m4, even if you're not an experienced tech, this is a very easy to install product and the benefits are instant.

Keep in mind, both motor wires should be ran through the front of the grip rather than the rear with this design.

Zci barrel

Product was shipped in nice packaging and arrived fast

Prometheus Krytac Hard Piston

5/5 Gearbox

Amazing looking gearbox with tons of quality of life features such as viewing ports near the gears for troubleshooting, had no issues installing a gate titan from a previous gearbox.

Solid alternative to ZCI HT and ASG 22k!

I really like this motor! Threw it in my 400fps 13:1 -3 short stroked Lancer Tactical Battle X indoor build and it is pretty snappy running with a Tattu 1200 11.1v. Not the snappiest, but I’m satisfied with it. I think this would be perfect with 12:1 or faster gears. It looked very high quality for the price, and is a serious challenger to the ZCI HT. It may be a little slow for stock 18:1 gears if you want a snappy trigger response, but would probably be great for high fps DMR builds.

Exactly what I was looking for

Being completely honest, I had never heard of Brill before I bought this. I've always shopped at Evike, or occasionally Redwolf, but while working on a mystery-meat SCAR I originally bought back in 2016 I wasn't able to find a replacement nozzle of the length I needed anywhere- until here. Shipping was fast, tracking was accurate, and the product was exactly what I needed.

This piston head is fantastic. Perfect air seal, great fit, very strong, and the unique design made my gun twice as accurate compared to a Lonex POM piston head. I'm using a stock barrel and hopup but it shoots like a fully modified barrel assembly. It will be my first choice from now on for piston heads.

These are really great shims. You can easily tell the difference in thickness, they are very strong, and you get a lot of them. These shims, even at their thinnest, are very hard to bend. You have to really put some force behind it and risk slicing your finger to do so. Would recommend!

This piston head is decent. It lacks an o-ring that keeps it perfectly centered and prevents cylinder scratching. If you use this piston head with anything except a lonex cylinder you will experience drastic air seal issues. Even after relubrication and stretching the o-ring, there will still be a poor air seal.

Fantastic bushings. Very flat, durable, and reliable. Fair warning, these are a major pain to put inside of a Lonex gearbox shell. No JB weld needed here!

10/10 packaging and the gears them self are extremally nice. tons of room for shimming where you need it. just wash em good and locktite the sector gear screws.

OEM Pinion Pull & Press Tool

This was a great tool for my needs, I got the pinion gear off, but a defect within the tool bent the metal holding the pinion gear in place making the tool unable to perform it's intended function. Many thanks to Brill Armory for offering a replacement for this product, and the quick responses to my emails. Even with all this, I still offer 5 stars since the product still performed its function and I believe this product can work for a wide variety of pinion gears for a long time.

I was skeptical about this design myself but honestly turned out to make my build much more quiet and didn't affect my fps. Probably going to get more in the future.

These are absolutely incredible shims. I've tried multiple shim brands and they all had the same problem: the shims aren't the sizes they claim. I've seen 0.1mm shims in a single package be 0.9mm to 0.14mm, which leads to endless measuring with your micrometer and it taking *hours* to shim a gearbox, and only if you're lucky with what you get, precisely. Your days of guessing and/or getting out your micrometer to make sure that 0.1mm bearing is actually 0.1mm are gone with these. I have purchased these shims multiple times and every time they are always as advertised. They're actually are cleverly made, and are 0.01mm smaller (on my calipers to go to 0.01mm so they're likely ~0.005mm smaller) than their markings. So, if you're shimming and think you need 0.1mm more, you'll know you have that little bit of extra room to ensure everything has the clearance it needs. I can shim a gearset to 0.05mm on all gears in around an hour, and I'm obsessive about my shimming. On top of all this, they cost less than the competition that asks for more. These shims should be the standard, and in your toolbox.

The warhead motor you've heard of, and it's not utterly perfect like they'd like you to believe. With instant response to maximum speed this motor does deliver quick response, however pay heed to the RPM rating of the motor. If you want *trigger response* you also need RPM. Brushless motors provide torque regardless of speed, and this motor is good, but earlier in my teching career I bought this particular motor thinking torque was all you needed. Now I can say that is not the case and required paring with a 13:1 gearset, the ezo J-caged bearings sold here on Brill Armory, and high precocking to the point of nearly double firing on semi to get instant trigger response. If you're looking for super snappy trigger response with little effort, this isn't the motor without some knowhow but it can be done. It is a good motor. It does exactly what it says, however, it has some compatibility issues: -It doesn't work with some FCUs and inline mosfets -It is not fully compatible with ROF controls; you will get a reduced effect instead of what you are looking for. -Your pinion to bevel shimming must be near perfect or you will destroy the pinion and/or bevel gear teeth due to the motor's very high torque output. I had to learn how to get mine better after I shredded the pinion that came with the motor. If you're looking for a simple motor replacement that will save you battery and work mechanically with any setup you can throw at it, this motor will work. The gearbox shell or gears will likely break before this thing stops turning.

A fine nozzle that moves smoothly and seals well. I got a pair of these for my CYMA mp5 and mp5k replicas which use non-standard nozzle lengths and required 21.3mm nozzles for proper feeding and air seal. Measured nozzle length in both examples was 21.25mm which is acceptable and the nozzles work fine. Plus, they costs less and work just as well as other offerings on Brill Armory.